We love Zendesk Zendesk is an awesome platform to chat, message, and support your customers. But like any other platform out there it relies on your content. Now you can deliver your message with the right visual assets and rich media to convey your feedback, response or story.
halfacircle Your knowledge base on steroids Add short videos on every article, build a self-service platform that works; now you have the power of video + text tri
We're already there With our chrome extention, everything lives inside your environment. You can now answer tickets, feedback in a chat or reply an email with the right fleeq, right from your extension. Search for the right fleeq, and share it in one of the multiple ways.
Real-time Interaction Get the perfect view on your customer's fleeq interaction and history log. With one click our chrome extention deliver a snapshot into all past fleeq views and relevant metadata about your client.