Product Product and team communication on steroids, Demo, discuss, drive ideas, present a concept and more in visual & Sound
Onboard customers the right way Add short videos on every article, build a self-service platform that works; now you have the power of video + text
See for yourself See how a fleeq can help you communicate better with teams and customers
Optimization & iteration Essential parts of every product are iteration and progress; Things change, That's why your fleeqs can change at the pace you want. No re-shoots, no production costs, no narration team at the studio. Just replace a screenshot, flip the text, and you are ready to go. We scale, move and iterate as fast as you do.
Protected fleeqs Get the perfect view on your customer's fleeq interaction and history log. With one click our chrome extention deliver a snapshot into all past fleeq views and relevant metadata about your client.