A unified platform that empowers you to
Create, Share, Track, Localize , and more
Share and view everywhere Fleeq, a new format that runs everywhere, with a lightweight structure and elastic capabilities. Share it via A dedicated page, part of a knowledge base, As a GIF, video, or a user acquisition widget.
Video/GIF export Traditional format? One click away, and you can use your fleeqs as videos and GIFs.
Mobile Friendly All fleeqs are mobile friendly on any iOS and Android device ( no app required )
Dedicated page No more costly hosting services! all fleeqs have their dedicated page & URL.
Widget/Embeddable In your site or as part of your knowledge base, embedded inline or as modal.
Creating rich media in Minutes Our main goal with fleeq was to create a product that was not only rich and interactive, but also make its creative process fun, intuitive and streamlined
(Real) Easy creation Upload screenshots, write a description, now repeat, till your story is done, that's it!
Auto/Custom narration From text to speech, in different languages or voices, you are in control of how your fleeq would "sound"
Update in seconds Any change, update or maintenance flow happens on-the-fly. it's just one click away
All in one place Stored in the cloud, you can share, track & optimize your fleeq from your dashboard.
Track & optimize
With tracking and analytics, you now know when, where and who views your fleeqs & series, You can monitor progress and interaction, follow interest and interact accordingly
  • Customer feedback
  • Optimization graphs
  • Mail/browser notifications
  • Interaction history
  • End-user data enrichment
The majority of the world population does not speak English, with fleeq we've streamlined the process of localization and translation management into a one-click operation
  • Auto narration
  • Custom narration
  • Browser language detection (beta)
  • Multi-language fleeqs (beta)
Knowledge base
With knowledge base, we've made it possible not only to share fleeqs & series. Now you can build silos of information, launched and hosted easily; We take care of all the heavy lifting!
  • Dedicate site
  • Category based
  • Fully branded
  • Multiple knowledge bases
    (per product)
  • Cross-platform (Desktop / mobile)
In your environment
Making fleeq fully available to all! we've made it not only reachable via our dashboard, but also right where you work! Inside your browser via our dedicated chrome extension
  • Capture screenshots
  • Fleeq library
  • Sharing options
  • Trackable links
  • Passcode protected links

Connecting all the dots

More features that let you control, manage, share & optimize your fleeqs,
here is a glimpse of more capabilities:
Share with passcode protection, enable only for specific segments and needs.
Get real-time data about who opens your fleeq, where and when via notifications and updates
Custom domain
Use customization and domain management to share just as if it was hosted on your domain
Help & lead your customer using an interactive action to drive conversion or lead to additional fleeq/series
Feedback optimization
Good or bad? We'll never know till we ask. Manage your fleeq feedback and optimize your experiences.
Lead generation
Ready-made widgets that wrap your fleeqs with lead generation flow that drives new opportunities.
Merge fleeqs into a full "story" and build series that ranges over topics, Onboarding , billing and more...
Sensitive data
Easily mask and blur sensitive information in your image set, when building into live experiences
Be in the know when things happen, get real-time updates and notifications on things that matter