All the features you need in one place
Creating a fleeq
Easy, intuitive and fun! Fleeq creation process is simple and rich in value. We're doing (almost) everything behind the scenes so you won't need to.
Video (without taking a video) You just need to take the screenshots; We bring them to life, and transform into a live video.
Data masking
Zoom and adjust
Spotlight & focus
Arrows & Pointers
Auto / Custom Narration
Automagically created! Use our AI engine or do your own voice-over. Fleeq lets you choose the best way to bring your guide/walkthrough/story to life.
Narration management Choose from numerous auto narrated vocals and languages.
Narrator vocals
Custom audio
Recording environnement
Your fleeqs, your brand. Numerous ways for you to include your presence in and around your rich media; colors, logo, favicon, custom domain or entirely white label.
Logo & Favicon Use your logo and favicon for brand recognition in your dedicated page, knowledge base and exported videos.
Brand colors
Custom domain (CNAME)
Creator attribution
Drive with call to action
Custom thumbnails
Trackable fleeqs
Fleeqs are open to all, but sometimes you need to see progress, monitor views and address specific issues. Trackable fleeqs empower you to know what happens once your fleeqs are sent.
Dedicated URL's Fleeqs are matched with email address and monitored via a dedicated URL.
Tracking notifications
Tracking history
Tracking filter & search
Users data enrichment
Chrome extension
We work where you work! Our chrome extension brings all the data back to the user when he needs it, either when creating his next fleeq or when communicating with his customer.
Extension overview Located in your chrome browser tab, our extension pops up on your right to a dedicated column.
Screen capture
Dedicated link
Knowledge base
Get all your fleeqs in one place with our hosted knowledge base; Create and launch in minutes, Fleeq's knowledge base lets you host dedicated categories of your fleeqs.
Knowledge base overview A dedicated hosted page that lets you organize all your fleeqs and series.
Adding Fleeqs/Series
Domain & URL
Sharing fleeqs
We've made fleeq friendly to (almost) any platform out there; from a dedicated stand-alone page to a full MP4 export.
A dedicated page No hosting or dedicated player needed, your fleeq are live seconds after creation.
Export as a GIF
Export as a Video
Embeddable popup
Export history
Zendesk ready
Feedback & optimization
Get the right feedback from customers that see and interact your fleeq, learn across time what works (and what doesn't).
Views and feedback Get the birds-eye-view at our optimization table and see how users react to your fleeqs/series.
Getting the right feedback
Understand the numbers
Filter and focus
Premium content
Promote your fleeqs as premium and ask for email subscription in exchange; With our lead generation widgets you can leverage new opportunities.
Embeddable widget Ready-made one-liner setup and you have your premium content widget running.
Email flow
Widget configuration
Email cycle configuration
User acquisition statistics
Lead CSV export
With series, we've opened the ability to tell a bigger story by merging number of fleeqs into a unified experience.
Build with a drag&drop Simple and intuitive interface to get you going and launch your series in minutes.
Setup & re-order
A dedicated site
Embeddable on your site
Fully customizable
Make you fleeq accessible to all by using our powerful localization platform for better experience
One fleeq to rule them all Send just one fleeq and let the user choose the language that works for him.
Easy as 1-2-3
Manage and control
Translation / Narration