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Subscription plans Export calculator Unlimited/Enterprise
Annually (Save $120) Monthly
A swiss army knife: Track, analyze & share as premium.
$ 5 Per month / Billed annually
  • Unlimited fleeqs
  • One User
  • Tracking & CTA
  • Premium content
  • Feedback & analytics
  • Video/GIF export:
  • 2 video per month (More?)
  • 1:00 max length (More?)
  • Fleeq watermark (Remove?)
  • $4 each GIF export
Work with your team, Use your brand, customer facing.
$ 9 Per month / Billed annually
  • 3 Users included
  • Everything in "Pro"
  • Domain, Logo, Favicon
  • Customize themes
  • Creator attribution
  • Video/GIF export:
  • 4 videos per month (More?)
  • 2:30 max length (More?)
  • Fleeq watermark (Remove?)
  • $4 each GIF export
Unlimited GIFs, Go global, and launch your knowledge base
$ 19 Per month / Billed annually
  • 5 Users included
  • Everything in "Business"
  • Localization
  • Knowledge base
  • No Fleeq Attribution
  • Video/GIF export:
  • 8 videos per month (More?)
  • 5:00 max length (More?)
  • No Fleeq watermark
  • Unlimited GIF export
Video & GIF export
Calculate the cost of exports ( GIF Or Video ), in any plan, or even without a plan
Free Pro Business Premium Unlimited/Enterprise
With fleeq attribution? Keep the top right & tiny "fleeq.io" watermark
Estimated fleeq duration
01:00 Mins
Estimated # of video exports
2 videos/Per month
Estimated # of GIF exports
4 GIFs/Per month
Perfect for starting out and demoing your product.
$0 Per month / Billed annually
  • 1 User
  • 3 Fleeqs
  • 1K Views/Month
  • Custom voice over
  • Auto (AI) Narration
  • Hosted fleeqs
  • Embed (SDK)
  • 17 languages
  • Email support
  • Video/GIF export:
  • Pay per download
  • $8 each GIF export
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"Fleeq helps us in creating targeted tutorials and walkthroughs in minutes and track their performance"
CTO @ coralogix

Answers to our frequent questions:

What is a "User"?
A user is a person inside your organization that uses fleeq via the dashboard or logs-in via our chrome extension. A user could either be the person that creates the fleeqs or shares them.
Why minimum 3 users?
Fleeq was built for teamwork, from the smallest batch and up to organizations with hundreds of active users. We've made our pricing structure super easy, so you won't need to change your billing cycle for every user you would like to add.
Is there a trial period?
Indeed, 7 days from sign up.
Do I need to add my credit card to start the trial?
Nope, each user gets a 7 days trial that includes (almost) all of our product features. No need for to add your credit card.